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Novice Birders for Birdathon

Calling All Novice Birders for Birdathon

By Marlene Meyer


Birdathon is the biggest fundraiser of the year for Eastside Audubon Society.

How does it raise money for EAS? Each person in the group gets a sponsor - a relative, a friend, a coworker to pledge a set amount for each bird species that you identify. For example, your sponsor might pledge $1 for each bird you identify. Then, you go out with others in your group and identify as many birds as you can. It’s sort of a competition. There is a leader who takes you to certain locations and helps you identify.  At the end of the walk, you count the bird species you have all identified and collect donations from your sponsor. Let’s say you get a sponsor to pledge $1 for each bird species you identify. Your group identifies 5 birds. Then, you would collect a $5 donation from your sponsor. Simple. So, if there are 10 people in your group, and they each raised the same, that would be $50 from your group. Now, imagine if each member in the group had 5 sponsors, collected $50 each - that would be $250 from your group as a donation for EAS and you will have had a fun day!

I would like to lead a very novice group called, “Perched to Win!” If you are a beginner birder, and I mean you are learning the difference between a Junco and Chickadee, come join our group and help EAS. Contact the EAS office and let them know you want to join Perched to Win at

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