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May 2017 Program Night

Robert Howson

May 25th 

Robert Howson, a member of our own Eastside Audubon, is a life long educator and birder.  He recently retired from teaching history, but continues to pursue his interest and passion for photographing birds throughout the US and abroad with his wife Carolyn. 


hummingbird by robert howson

Hummingbird, by Robert Howson


Thanks to Gary Larson, the creator of The Far Side, many of us now find it easier to laugh at ourselves as we see our own characteristics painfully played out in his cartoons of birds, insects, cows, and other creatures.  For tonight’s program night, you are encouraged to enjoy photography of birds taken throughout the country matched with cartoon-like commentary.  You will be able to identify some of your old familiar favorites in a new light as well as some species you may never have seen before.  We could all use a smile these days, so we encourage you to bring yours and join us for a lighter look at our feathered friends.  Please join us for some Avian Ad Libs.

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