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Holiday Gift Wrap Fundraiser

Santa Helpers Needed! 

Volunteers are needed to help with our gift wrap fundraiser – a fun and easy event for anyone who can help. The gift wrap event is set for:

                        December 16th to 24th

                        Issaquah REI, 735 Northwest Gilman Boulevard


Don’t let the idea of wrapping gifts intimidate you! It’s easy, because you simply stuff the gift in a premade gift bag that customers can purchase from us, or use the premade bows for the traditional wrap. Don’t like to wrap gifts? You can also help by cutting paper for packages or by handling the cash exchange.

We have three shifts each day that are three-hours, with two or three volunteers on each shift. So, along with helping the fundraiser, it’s a great way to meet EAS members you might not know.   Carolyn & Tricia Kishel by Mick Thompson

Not only is this event is a good fundraiser for Audubon, it is also an opportunity to talk with people at this popular gift wrap table at the Issaquah REI. Customers often share their favorite bird stories and learn from us more about what we do to help birds and their habitat. 

Sign up for a wrapping shift, by contacting:

Roberta ( or Jill Keeney (j,  

We look forward to a great event!

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