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Community Partnership Grant

By Tim McGruder

CPG is King County Park’s Community Partnership Grant program. EAS has partnered with the Parks Department for 12 years through this program and have just completed the latest round of funding through this partnership. The grant amount is $42,000.00 and will be spent in three specific areas:Wood Duck on Sammamish Slough by Olllie Oliver

1. Costs for planning and the design for fencing and a viewing platform on the Sammamish Slough. In the area on the slough north of the lake pier, the shoreline is badly degraded in some sections as a result of overuse by park visitors. Fencing will protect the shoreline, while a viewing platform will allow visitors the opportunity to observe wildlife on the river.

2. Support for the ongoing restoration work at the park. The funding will be used to purchase native plants for Snag Row and the East Meadow. 

3. Utility vehicle and expansion of our maintenance shed to house it. Utility vehicles have become very important to our operations at the park. For a number of reasons, it’s no longer possible for us to share the park’s vehicles, but it is possible for them to provide one for us. The shed expansion will be just large enough for the new vehicle, and have a solar charging system to keep the vehicles’ battery properly charged during the periods between regular work parties.

 Photo of Wood Duck on Sammamish Slough by Ollie Oliver
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