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Teacher Grants Awarded

By Mary Britton-Simmons

Thanks to your generous donations, the Youth Education Committee (YEC) awarded grants of $450.00 to two teachers from schools with significant low-income populations on the Eastside. The funds must be spent for non-consumable materials for a unit or project geared toward nature, science or the environment.  

Kim MacDonald is a speech-language pathologist from Einstein Elementary in the Lake Washington School District. With her Green Team, she will buy items for the garden they tend each year. They are thrilled to be able to purchase a small upright plastic shed, materials to raise beds (for students who cannot reach the ground), various hand tools and possibly a picnic table. In addition, plans are in the works for a presentation by YEC volunteers to the Green Team. 

Jennifer Lorella, a third grade teacher from Ardmore Elementary in the Bellevue School District, is starting a Garden Club with students from third to fifth grades. They will create a garden in the outside center area of the school and will use the funds to purchase plants, garden tools and a small storage bin. Jennifer invited my husband and me to join her and the students to visit the area this month and help with the choice of plants. It will be a trip down memory lane as my sons attended Ardmore.

As a retired teacher, I know how valuable an award of $450.00 is for an educator. Both of our recipients are grateful to the members of EAS. Kim wrote, “We appreciate all the wonderful things the Audubon Society does to protect and teach about nature.” And Jennifer noted, “I am very happy to now be working with such an amazing organization like Eastside Audubon.”  Thanks to all of you for making these terrific projects possible!

Mary Britton-Simmons


Mallard Duckling, by Mick Thompson

Photo: Mallard Duckling, by Mick Thompson

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