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It's that time of year!

By Andy McCormick



Bird-A-Thon is a fun fundraising event that is held during the month of May by Audubon chapters all over North America. Eastside Audubon is a chapter of the National Audubon Society, our national organization that supports birds and bird habitat.

A Bird-A-Thon is very similar to a telethon or a walkathon, events in which individuals make a pledge to contribute money to support a cause they believe in. For example, in a walkathon, people pledge an amount per mile that a person or team will walk during a day. In Bird-A-Thon, we ask for a pledge for each bird species a team sees during a 24-hour period of birding. People contribute to help protect birds and the habitat they need across North America.

Eastside Audubon has different ways people can participate in Bird-A-Thon. One is by supporting a team of expert birders who can identify birds by sight and sound. Another is by creating a personal or family team that wants to identify birds on a walk in their community. A third is to participate in one of the chapter’s field trips in May. A donation of $25 per trip is requested, and participants also have the option of contributing based on the number of bird species seen on the trip.


Eastside Audubon has four teams which compete to see how many species of birds can be seen in a single day. The teams have creative names to add to the fun of the event. The Karismatic Kestrels are led by Andy McCormick. The Whidbey Wingdings are led by Hugh Jennings. The Raven Maniacs are led by Jan McGruder. The Bird Brains are led by Jim Rettig. Each team member asks friends and family members to pledge a donation for each bird species to support their team. A bird species is any distinct bird species such as an American Robin, a Song Sparrow, or a Red-tailed Hawk. Most teams will see about 100 different species of birds in a day.


Although the teams have a friendly competition to be first in the amount of money raised and the number of bird species seen, the real winners are birds, wildlife, and the habitat they need to prosper. Bird-A-Thon is one way you can directly support the work of Eastside Audubon and the birds we love. Thanks for all you do for the birds.


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Stellers Jay, By Mick Thompson

Photo: Stellers Jay, By Mick Thompson

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