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College Scholarship Winners

Youth Education Committee

Congratulations to the YEC College Scholarship Winners

Because of members’ gracious donations, the Youth Education Committee (YEC) was able to award two scholarships of $1500.00 to high school seniors.  Benjamin Benson from Cedar Crest High School in the Riverview School District plans to major in Wildlife and Conservation Biology and pursue a master’s degree in ornithology.  In his application, he explained, “Birds have been in my life for as long as I have known. I have always been awestruck by flight and watching as migrating birds fly from Alaska and the Northern Territories into the Snoqualmie Valley.” His special interest is in migratory shore birds in the South Pacific Archipelagos. Ben raises a variety of birds and is a volunteer for the Mountains to Sound Greenway where he learned about “habitat creation and restoration in a unique way.”

Congratulations also go to Anne Lee from Tesla STEM High School in the Lake Washington School District. Accepted by MIT and Harvard, she plans to study both environmental engineering and policy in college.  At her high school, Anne helped to launch Students Under 2C whose main focus is to reduce carbon footprints. After analyzing the school’s waste, interviewing staff and researching behavior changes, the club led by Anne reduced the school’s carbon footprint significantly. Now she is challenging schools around the world to do the same.  Her work has been featured in news outlets like the Huffington Post and in a short feature film.  She noted in her application, “For the rest of my life, I hope to continue protecting the environment.”

Congratulations to these two amazing students and thanks to all of you whose donations made these awards possible!

Mary Britton-Simmons


Anne Lee

Photo: Anne Lee


Ben Benson

Photo: Ben Benson

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