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National Bird Feeding Month

Fill your bird feeders and enjoy the show!

Winter is a great time to put out bird feeders, birds need the nutrients when other food sources, such as berries and insects, are scarce. 

Help us celebrate by feeding birds in your backyard and sharing your pictures on our Facebook page


You can attract birds to your backyard with these helpful tips:

1) Plant native species that provide food and shelter to native bird populations

2) Retain dead snags and branches that serve as rest and nesting sites

3) Eliminate pesticides which can be fatal to birds and their food sources

4) Remove invasive species such as ivy and blackberry

5) Leave leaf litter to provide food for foraging birds

6) Keep cats indoors

7) Provide a water source


Fill your bird feeders and enjoy the show! 


Stellars Jay, by Mick Thompson

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