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Eastside Audubon offers a variety of opportunities to volunteer in ways that help birds, other wildlife, and our communities in eastern King County.

Current Volunteers - Timesheet

A timesheet for current volunteers can be downloaded here.


Habitat Restoration

Anyone can do something useful at our regular work party at Marymoor Park on the first Saturday morning of every month. Come once or come often. Students: You can earn community service credit! Learn more


Occasional Volunteering

Perfect for Eastside Audubon members with a schedule that prevents an indefinite commitment! To receive a message when Eastside Audubon needs volunteers for a short project of finite duration, please subscribe to the Opportunities email list. Send a request to subscribe.


If you are interested in any of the following open volunteer opportunities, email our Volunteer Coordinator to learn more!



Birding and Plant Walks – Help EAS with the Fun Stuff!  Make Friends!  Have a great excuse to go birding more!  We need:  

Field Trip Leader – If you go birding, and can identify 20 common species – YOU CAN lead trips!  Really!   You DO have knowledge you can share with others!  This fall, we had an intern from the UW Bothell lead her own beginning birding trip.  She knew NOTHING about birding – but 8 weeks later, led a beginning trip – where she and the attendees learned about the birds they saw together.  You don’t have to know everything – you just need to share ways new birders can begin to find more information.  You can do that!  Help EAS make birding fun for everyone!  We will partner you with existing leaders, let you learn from them, and give you tips, resources, and things to say!  All you need to do is share with people what you do know, and why you like birding. 

Field Trip Chair – help our trip leaders coordinate their trips with the chapter calendar; make sure trips are submitted to the newsletter and listed correctly on the website; gather field trip reports and help post them to our computer files.

Plant Walk Chair – help our rangers, trip leaders, and everybody!  Help the rangers publicize their plant walks, lead your own walks, plan sites for walks, field trips to arboretums, support local native plant sales –you can take this project whatever direction inspires you!  Even planning one or two outings or events a year would be wonderful.  If you are passionate about native plants- please talk to us about sharing your green thumb!



Lights Out For Birds Program Coordinator – this is a fantastic conservation program we are excited to take on in 2017.  We have a project outline and a grant writer ready to support the program.  All we need now is you. You will work with the conservation committee, board, staff, and our grant writer to implement a program urging tall building owners, tenants, and cities to turn out lighting during spring and fall migration.  Additionally, you will work to plan a citizen science component of the program, counting dead and injured birds in Downtown Bellevue suspected to have been injured by building strikes.   At this time, we know of only TWO other formal programs on the West Coast.  This is a fantastic opportunity for EAS to be an environmental leader in Bird Friendly Communities.  You can make a very large difference for birds in our flyway.


Keep Cats Indoors Project Coordinator – we are looking for a conservation-minded volunteer who would like to build community partnerships in this area.  Possible projects include development of a new keep cats inside brochure, flyer, website, and publicity, and work toward increasing participation in, the Catio tour (a tour of outdoor cat enclosures), or developing an Eastside event.


Design a native plant garden - We need a plant expert who is interested helping design a native plant garden in cooperation with the owner of the building where our offices are housed.  Additionally, we could use an artist to design signs labeling the plants, and giving information about what birds they benefit.  We will recruit other volunteers for assistance with installation day.  Finally, it would be great if you are interested in staying on board helping recruit volunteers to assist with maintenance.  Can you lend us your green thumb?


Native Plant Resource Coordinator – be the voice of plants for birds!  Respond to community inquiries about how to have a healthier yard.  Maintain a list of local resources for members and the community.  Partner with local organizations to help promote area Native Plant Sales.  Create a toolkit for homeowners.  Network with local nurseries to promote native plants and reduce pesticide use.  Help promote EAS Ranger’s Plant Walks.  Write Articles for our newsletters and press releases about the importance of using native plants.


Youth Education – help this team at their regular committee meetings planning their scope of work, and pick a project to help them with: Classroom presentations, science fairs and special events, newsletter articles, family walks, scholarship awards, field trips for youth groups, internet research for school and scout contacts, and more.  They are a busy group, doing so much to represent EAS and teach kids across our community- you can contribute to a little or a lot of what they do and really make a difference.


Community Outreach and Fundraising

Community Outreach -This team needs helpers at all levels.  Community outreach is an untapped wealth of opportunity for us to reach new members and inspire children in our community to love birds.   You can help a little or a lot – won’t you please consider signing up for this committee for 2017?  We are planning for 8-10 festivals, fairs, or special events.  We need:

  • Setup and teardown. Don’t want to stay all day?  Have a larger vehicle?  Like to carry heavy objects?  We would love to have a couple more folks we could call on for setup and teardown. Typically, we need you to be available early Saturday mornings, and then again in the evening.  Some events are a half day, some will have teardown on Sunday.   Assist all volunteers with putting supplies away NEATLY at the office.
  • Committee members.  We have 8-10 booths and special events scheduled for 2017.  We are looking for 5-10 volunteers who can commit to taking a shift in 2-3 of the events – you can pick your events/days.  Booth volunteers greet the public, share info about our bird mounts, give out field trip schedules, and answer bird questions. You don’t need to be an expert.  “You can learn more about that bird on (or one of our field trips!)’ is a FANTASTIC answer.

Gift Wrap – our annual December fundraiser!  Help make the holidays greener!

  • Gift Wrap Co-Chair – This person will join a team and be the 3rd co-chair.  We are looking for somebody to help at all levels of planning for this event, help recruit, train and schedule volunteer.  The open co-chair position is highly involved with sewing cloth gift bags and helping recruit volunteer sewers (we do have a list of regular helpers!).  They will also help setup and cover some shifts during the event. The gift wrap is a lot of fun, and the work can be spread out throughout most of the year. 
  • Gift Wrap – “Sewing Bee” coordinator.  New this year, we are planning a one day event, in the fall, to cut out cloth bags and begin sewing.  We will invite all regular EAS volunteers who have helped with the bags, and may recruit a couple of local groups as well.  We want somebody who can help make this a fun event for attendees – and plan treats or a luncheon.
  • Gift Wrap – Sewers – we are happy to welcome back all who have helped us in the past, and are always looking for more folks to help with this project!  You do not need to know how to sew to work on bags – fabric also needs to be cut, ironed, have ribbon attached, and labels ironed on. 


Member and Volunteer Support

Hospitality Team – our hospitality team needs a few more helpers!  There are lots of ways to be involved – if you have just a few minutes a month, we could use your help!  Needs include:

  • Baking and bring treats: we have a couple of fantastic volunteers already – but if you love to bake, or have a perfect dish you want to share, feel free to join this group and bring an item once or twice this year!
  • Dish-Doer-Extraordinaire: We would love to have 2-3 folks signup to load the dishwasher after program night or special events.
  • Special events host/hostess – CBC Dinner, Vol Dinner, Member picnic, Vol BBQ, Donor appreciation, Board Holiday Dinner…helpers needed with one, a few, or all the above.  
  • Welcome packets – usually the 2nd week of each month.  you will use an excel list created from our database, mail merge the list into Microsoft Word letters, make copies of our membership signup form and current newsletter, assemble a mailing, and log the mailing in the database.  You will get training, and will also help ‘vet’ our written instructions for this task.


Volunteer and Donor Appreciation Planner – help the Board Volunteer Chair, the Financial Development team, and the office staff and Board.  Help plan Volunteer appreciation events, order awards and prizes, coordinate menus and plan with the hospitality team.  Help plan a couple fun parties and events to thank our donors and supporters.  Lots of room for flexibility in this role.  Lots of room for multiple helpers.  If you can help at one event or all….we can put your party planning passion to use!


Office Support

Mail Parties -  Help stuff and seal envelopes, add address labels, and sort for bulk mailing.  We currently have seven mail parties each year, generally on a weekday morning, to send our quarterly newsletter, fundraising mailers, and donation statement. 

Internet research assistant – we have a need for somebody to do a lot of internet research – gathering, updating, and verifying contact information for a variety of projects.  Several of our committees would like to increase their outreach to schools, scouts, social, and civic groups – we need somebody with a medium or higher comfort with computers to google search for these groups in our area, and put their contact information into an excel spreadsheet.  We could use one or many helpers.  This is completely on your own time, at home


Online Publicity Guru – we need folks to input our field trips, walks, classes, and public events onto local online community calendars.  We already have a list of calendars ready to post to, and the information will be taken from our website calendar.  You will get the events list from our communications chair, and then work on your own to post, post, post away.


Office Helpers: The office staff would like helpers that would be interested in specific data entry projects that occur 1x a month – these are monthly work tasks that we would train you to do – you would be responsible for that task for a 1 year commitment.  You will be handling confidential member information, and would sign a confidentiality agreement.  You need to be modestly comfortable using a computer. Work will be during daytime hours, day of the week you complete the task is somewhat flexible.  Needs include: Cover a day at the office each month answering phones, filing, cleaning, organizing, and help with other projects as needed.


Serve on the Board

Board members serve a two-year team, attend monthly meetings, and help with planning all the activities of our chapter.  Board members also help run one community outreach event each year.


Board Member at large- (2 positions open) Responsible for one special project of their choosing – you could take on one of the special projects above, or design a new one that fits with the Chapter goals and that is of particular interest to you


Financial Development – Helps to oversee all our fundraising committees and events.  Works with chapter president, treasurer, and staff to identify new sources of funding.  Assist with compliance issues and advises on best practices for all financial development and fundraising activities.


Community Outreach– Help plan the Outreach event schedule for the year, submit signup forms (with the help of the office staff) and organize schedules for volunteers.  Help plan what mounts and activities volunteers use at each event. You may also help train volunteers, and help plan a game or mini birding walk for kids at the event. 

Education Chair – oversees Adult and Youth Education Committees.  Be a liaison for these committees – Youth Ed, Adult Ed, Photo Group, Program Night and the Rangers – and help connect their busy schedules to the board and chapter.  Help make sure all their events are on the right calendars and ready to be publicized.  Help with budget planning.


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